All fun and games (The Daily #3)

In these parts you are either born maize and blue or green and white. Doesn’t matter if your a Walmart wolverine or a Save A lot Spartan. You bleed those colors once a year and today is it. 

Today marks the 114th time these two teams have met with a record of  71–37–5, (Michigan Leads). But holy shit today is different. Two undefeated teams and SO MUCH ON THE LINE. BUT ENOUGH ON THAT.  HOW FUN IS TODAY GOING TO BE  

To be honest it’s mostly the tradition of the whole thing, the time of year. Leaves are changing Halloween celebrations all weekend Nooner game and Christmas around the corner. 

Fall hits different in Michigan and I’m here for it. Snuggle up with coffee a little to long today. Add a pickle to your Bloody Mary and yell at the TV a little too loud. You don’t need to know the players or what’s going on.  Just be you. 

embrace the weekend Campers. It’s gonna be a banger.