How to: Camper Dan's guide to VIP status at Pony!

Double, Fries Cheese on The Side, and a Mule.......Check Out Camper Dan's guide to becoming a VIP regular and loving Old Pony 7 days a week.

Rule number one: Befriend the staff. Don't be freaking awkward about it and push too hard. These people work there asses off to give us the best experience possible. But the whole friend thing has to come natural. Make it a long courtship, surprise them with a big tip once and a while, learn there names, and ask them how their day off was. PEOPLE this goes a long way, and these great people won't forget it. 

Rule number two: Be Predictable. Have you ever wanted to be one of those people that walk in a bar and the Bartender has already poured your go to? It can happen, Trust a PRO,and on Saturday's, they know I switch it up, little earlier in the day and those BLOODY MARY's have CAMPER DAN written all over them.

Rule number three: Make friends with everyone. I know on Monday who I'm gonna see, Tuesday sames. Whatever day I'm at Pony, there is someone I'm SUPER excited to see. And most times, I'm just stoked to see Bobbie, THE BEST BARTENDER IN TOWN.

Rule number four: Order the Adam Steiner. It's golden fries with Cheese on the side, OMFG. UHHHHHHHHAMAZING. This will get you some points, With Bobbie for sure. A real PONY VIP, goes above and beyond when ordering. SPEAKING OF ORDERING. Never ever be slow about it. Here is how I order. 

Double, Fries Cheese on Side, Double, NO Bun Extra Lettuce, Garlic Dill Fries, and get me another Mule, save a trip. Man oh Man, my mouth is watering thinking about it. 

Rule number five: BE Thankful, be happy, and Have fun, VIP status is not something that comes easy, but with these 5 steps you'll be well on your way to OLD PONY royalty, anywho, Can't wait to see you, I just love it.