Nephews won the World Series and........

It’s been months since sports........but  


On Friday night I experienced something magical. I swear I am actually getting goosebumps thinking about it. My twin 7 year old nephews made it to the Championship on their Class A little league team the “Blue Claws” (not to be confused with White Claws).  I wondered if at that age they even knew the difference between winning and losing. During the game I asked my sister in law if the boys would be sad if they lost (score was 13 to 11 with one inning left). She said the would be devastated. THIS CHANGED EVERYTHING. 


The thought of my nephews being devastated by a loss made the stakes higher than 2002 when the wings won the cup. This was bigger then the bad boys, Stafford coming back in the fourth quarter, or 2006 when the tigers were good. I wanted it so bad. 

The  Muck Dogs had last at bat, Score was 14-13 with 2 outs and my nephew up to bat. Bases loaded. This is it. His moment. The whole family is there. Nephew’s Dad behind the plate, younger brothers next to me, Dads there, Moms there, cousins, friends.

All of a sudden nephew just needs a single to tie the game. He does that, and he goes home a hero. 

Crack the bat hits the ball, base hit. Batter in. Tie game. Nephews on first, my family is screaming and behind the face guard on the helmet you see nephew crack a smile, a hero. Next guy bats another Blue Claw in and now 15-14. 

next one hits the runner / automatic out. 

This is it. 

3 outs away from a win. A win that In a summer of so much uncertainty the boys will remember forever. 
1 out 2 outs 3 outs

Before that last out I look in the eyes of my nephews. The twins as we call them. I can see the explosive amount off energy, the excitement, boom third out.


The team jumped , ran the bases, and won. Took home a trophy, and made Covid summer feel like any other summer. These boys made my night.  These boys maybe just made my summer