Stars, They are just like us...

A little bit about Alexandra:

 Born and Raised in the Pink and Green Streets of Grosse Pointe, Alexandra has been one of our biggest blessings. She was classically trained in retail at Lululemon and comes with all of the bells and whistles. 

She ( Alexandra) is currently prepping to enter her Senior year remotely as a Michigan State University Criminal Justice major (She even has an internship with the police......I MEAN AWESOME!!!!!!) , happens to be a Gemini (Just like Me), and assures me she had WAY more fun in College then HS. WE DON'T doubt it.  

Alexandra with her hunk of a BF Tate*********


Now do not expect to catch Alexandra (DO NOT DARE CALL HER ALEX) slamming white claws while tailgating before the big game this fall. She would much rather actually watch the game, and maybe head out for a night cap after..She's classy, and obviously so are we. 

After Dinner you can catch Alexandra watching Netflix, or working on her studies.....remember she's a class act. 

As for Music, she claims Rap & Country.....EDITORS NOTE* I am convinced she only listens to country, I have yet to hear any rap during her shifts. Literally, Country all day long. It's like a Luke Bryan Concert 24/7 with this one. 

And most imprtanty, She has the Cutest mom Erin, is the oldest of 3 girls, has a babe of a BOYFRIEND (Sorry Boys), and has no clue that we actually plan on her working for us forever. Like post college, like sorry criminal justice world....she's taken. Just kidding.....NOT


ANY WHO! Thanks Alexandra, you the bomb