We sat in ICE COLD WATER FOR........

Seriously. This was supposed to be a challenge, and I cant stop from thinking we are either the most powerful Prey in the jungle or just a bunch of idiots. 

First it was the HOT dog eating contest, Camper Dan just destroyed that one, Watermelon, okay fun but no challenge. HOT wing, damn the hot wings were not even that hot. We moved on to warheads. That one again, not really much of a challenge.


So it was time to raise the stakes. Literally we had to go big. So here is the plan, fill a pool with water and 120 lbs of ice, through that sucker in the pick up and see how long the boys and I can take the heat, well cold, well freezing cold. I dunno. 


So boom in the pool, broadcasting live on Kercheval. Zack lasted about 7 minutes. Poor little Short Game /Tator Tot / Zach Attack.


Schrodes / Shimko and I kept it going so long we had to break for lunch. Anywho, thanks for being a part of the team Campers. This year has been wild, and without this bunch of knuckleheads who knows where I would be. 


SIDE NOTE. Bunny showed up with Ice literally from his freezer and tried his best to keep up with the big boys. He lasted about 15 minutes had a cheeseburger, and drifted into the wind like always. check us out below.